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The Right to Energy Coalition: Our commitment

The Right to Energy Coalition unites a network of various groups such as anti-poverty groups, social housing providers, NGOs, environmental campaigners and more, in order to find an adequate solution to energy poverty, as nearly 50 million individuals in Europe suffer from it. It is necessary to highlight the issues of energy poverty and the multi-sectoral impact it has on people, especially groups that are already in a vulnerable state, so as to make affordable energy a possibility.

To this end we are happy to announce we have become partners and members of the Coalition, working together to end energy poverty once and for all!

Right to Energy: a short introduction

The Coalition aims for an energy system that puts people and planet before profit. It was formed in 2017 to advocate for energy poverty in the 2030 EU Clean Energy package. Since then, coalition members have successfully campaigned to ban disconnections, implement free of charge renovations for energy poor households and include the energy poor as key players in the EU Green Deal.

Additionally Right to Energy members have provided essential research on Who’s to Pay for a fair transition and how to secure the Right to Energy for all Europeans. Current work includes ongoing input into the EU Green Deal and energy efficiency legislation, advocacy in member states as well as local community campaigns to secure the right to energy for energy poor households during the pandemic.

An affordable vision

Energy poverty lies at the cross-section of different issues, as a world experiencing global warming that puts people and the planet itself at risk, increasing social inequality, and an unjust energy system, make it harder for regular citizens to live happier and healthier lives.

The Right to Energy Coalition's main motto is that access to clean, affordable energy is a human right. No one should have to choose between eating, lighting or warming his or her home.

The aim is to listen and make the voices of Europe's energy poor heard. A fair energy transition for all is just one side of creating a more affordable world.

What we bring to the table

Habitat for Humanity International's vision for affordable housing and elimination of poverty has for many years now included a focus on energy poverty and energy efficiency, especially in central-eastern Europe, where these issues are very prominent and a cause for concern.

Our expertise stemming from years of working on said issue within the region through the REELIH or ComAct projects for example, together with our NOs, of whom Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria is also a partner to the Coalition, means that we firmly believe that we could hep the Right to Energy Coalition achieve its objective, by providing examples of best practice, networking opportunities and most of all, collaboration to make access to affordable energy a human right.


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