New publications online

Two new publications under the REELIH project were released this month.


After the launch of the Residential Energy Efficiency (REE) Observatory in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), a new initiative of Habitat for Humanity International, we are happy to announce the first publication: REE Observatory in CEE Addressing energy poverty through residential energy efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe Challenges and best practices.

We believe that by disseminating good knowledge and evidence we contribute to the discussion in Central and Eastern Europe about how to scale up the retrofitting of multi-apartment buildings by energy efficiency improvements, and how to decrease energy poverty in a moment where heating in the winter has become one of the biggest political and social challenges in our region.

Furthermore, in relation to the EU Renovation WaveHabitat for Humanity International, Europe and the Middle East, Area Office (HFHI EME) wants to highlight the special case of the new Member States, and countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) regarding residential energy efficiency (REE). Therefore, we published a Policy Brief about Implementing EU Renovation Wave in multi-apartment buildings in CEE.

Find out more about our first publication under the newly launched REE Observatory in CEE in the resources section.

Find out more about our policy brief here.