Request for proposals: for providing research assistance to HFHI and USAID REELIH project

Habitat for Humanity International, regional office for Europe, Middle East and Africa is looking for research proposals from skilled and experienced consultants!

Find all the relevant information in the Request for Proposals


Research should focus on study on the connection between energy poverty alleviation, and energy consumption reduction in Central and Eastern Europe.


Expected deliverable from the research:
  • Brief literature review on energy poverty by desktop research and recommending working definition
  • Comparative study of up to 4 countries in Europe as best practices on energy poverty policies
  • Comparative desk research on connection between residential energy efficiency renovation programs and reducing energy poverty in Central Europe
  • Evaluation of REELIH programs in 3 countries-Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Macedonia in connection to energy poverty reduction based on the available data to be provided by the project partners
  • Paper on connection of residential energy efficiency refurbishments and energy poverty alleviation in 3 REELIH countries including lessons from best practices in Europe, mapping stakeholders
  • Policy recommendations
Habitat for Humanity REELIH team invites proposals from consultants with the experience and skills described in Request for Proposals (RFP).


Please send the proposals to Zita Kakalejcikova, Advocacy Officer, HFH EMEA at by February 28.


Phone interviews with eligible candidates will be held the week of March 1. Final selection will be determined by March 15.