Energy Poverty Handbook-ed. Katalin Csiba, foreword MEP Tamás Meszerics

The aim of the Handbook is to offer a complex overview and up-to date knowledge for those who are concerned about the levels of energy poverty in Europe and want to contribute with their on capacities to eliminate it. Habitat for Humanity's REELIH project was featured in the Handbook as a case study for energy efficiency renovations.
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Recommendations for Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on encouraging energy efficient renovation of the multi-family housing stock-MRI

This study provides an in-depth analysis of residential energy efficiency renovations in a number of Central European countries and based on that makes recommendations about how to improve the system of energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings in Armenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.
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Analysis of subsidy schemes aiming to support energy efficient renovation of multi-family buildings in selected countries of CEE-MRI

The aim of the study is to analyse the main national subsidy schemes aiming to assist the energy efficient renovation of multi-family buildings in Central and Eastern Europe. The practice of four countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) were analysed in detail, and desk research was completed in connection with Lithuania and Croatia.
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