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Energy poverty conference and workshop in Budapest: From household problems to climate crisis

Centre for Social Sciences Institute of Sociology (TKSZI) in Budapest, Hungary will host a two day International Conference and Workshop on November 25th and 26th, 2019 named

ENERGY POVERTY: From Household Problems to Climate Crisis.

This event is co-organized by Habitat for Humanity Hungary together with Elosztó and Engager.

Energy poverty in Hungary has been growing and with the issue gaining a significant recognition also in European context, it has become one of the focus areas of the European Commission. There is, however, still a lack of proper definition of energy poverty. At the same time, states should be able to measure the scale of the problem among the population in order to propose possible solutions in a format of specific policies or large-scale programs that are currently absent not only in Hungary. This event attempts to contribute to the mentioned challenges and to provide a written statement giving relevant stakeholders and actors a deeper insight into the complex issue of energy poverty within the Hungarian context.

First day of the conference will be dedicated to presentations and discussion on current research, good practices and experiences around defining and measuring energy poverty in Europe with a special focus on Central Eastern Europe.

On this occasion, Habitat for Humanity International will present learnings from REELIH project related to energy poverty.

Second day will be in a format of interactive workshop serving as an opportunity for all to contribute to a draft definition of energy poverty and set of indicators for energy poverty within the Hungarian context. This is a preparation for publishing a written statement summarizing key findings and proposal for a definition and context-based indicators of energy poverty in Hungary. The participants will work in groups led by local facilitators and energy poverty researchers from the ENGAGER network.

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