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World Green Building Week a campaign for decarbonization of buildings

This week, from September 23rd to September 29th, World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) organizes an annual campaign promoting greener environment in building sector. During this World Green Building Week, they attempt to raise awareness in issue of carbon emissions from all stages of buildings' lifecycle. Carbon emissions from building sector hugely contribute to environmental pollution and WorldGBC tries to encourage building companies, responsible stakeholders and other influential organizations to take green action and reduce carbon emissions from buildings. At the same time, you can take part in this campaign even as an individual if you take some action to build a greener future of buildings and show it on social media using #BuildingLife or #WGBW2019 hashtags!


Most importantly, as part of the 10th anniversary of World Green Building Week, WorldGBC introduces a new report "Bringing embodied carbon upfront". Following on this week's theme, WorldGBC manages to tackle all the relevant stakeholders important during the whole life cycle of a building, such as non-governmental organizations, researchers, policy makers, investors, developers, designers and material manufacturers. The vision and ambitious conclusions coming out from the report has been endorsed by many influential organizations who further encourage to adopt the recommendations for decarbonized future of building and construction industry.

For the conclusion, a short story about carbon emissions and how it all works.

Find more information about WorldGBC here.

Find more information about World Green Building Week here.

Check out the new report here.

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