Guidelines on the Management and Ownership of Condominium Housing-UNECE


Guidelines on the Management and Ownership of Condominium Housing-UNECE

These new UNECE guidelines are the continuation of 2003's document "Guidelines on Condominium ownership of Housing for Countries in Transition" which was published in order to assist national and local governments and owners during the transition of housing to private ownership in Central and Eastern Europe.

The new issue of these guidelines expands its scope to address contemporary challenges and commitments in the whole region, such as changes in technologies, environmental issues, and social concerns. It recognizes new international agreements such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing and the New Urban Agenda as impacting the national regulatory frameworks, too.

Thanks to REELIH project and the vast regional advocacy done in the region of the CEE and CIS countries, HFHI took the chance to provide expertise and professional advice in the process of creation of the updated version of guidelines.

You can learn more about the publication in this blog post.

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