HFH country specific research

Facilitation of residential energy efficiency loan product development in representative buildings-ENOVA

The study appropriately mapped financial service providers in Bosnia & Herzegovina and identified suitable partners. In coordination with identified financial institutions, municipalities and cantons the project aims to create affordable loan products and services that will allow lowbincome households living in multi-apartment buildings to participate in residential energy efficiency renovations.

Financial modeling options for financing energy efficiency measures in Tuzla canton-ENOVA

According to Report on financing options for energy efficiency measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) delivered to Habitat, the options for financing energy efficiency (EE) measures in BiH include: (i) loans financed by local banks, (ii) loans financed by microcredit organizations (MCO), (iii) loans financed by international financial institutions (IFI) and (iv) government subsidies.

Legal-regulatory solutions for strengthening civic involvement in condominium management in Armenia-HFH Armenia

The present study represents the regional (international) research component based on the national studies conducted for all of the Visegrad states as well as Ukraine and Armenia. All national studies were aimed at instigating a strong civil society-led policy improvement on condominium legislation, to allow for a knowledge based comparative analysis.