Study on Energy Poverty in the Danube Region-University Center for Energy Efficiency in Buildings CTU Prague


Study on Energy Poverty in the Danube Region

Cold home, leaking roof and “eat or heat” dilemma. These are just a few examples of a phenomenon called energy poverty. It is a complex and multidimensional problem, lying at the intersection of three factors: household income, energy costs and the energy efficiency of the housing stock. As the Danube region is a relatively large area that includes countries with different historical influences, cultures, wealth or living standards, the energy poverty rate varies significantly between these countries.

This study aims to provide easily understandable information on energy poverty with a focus on replicability and transferability of good examples across all Danube region countries. It defines the geographical and legal framework of energy poverty in the context of this region, then describes energy poverty and its impacts on quality of life. The study summarizes types of energy poverty measures and aims to provide various examples on current international projects on energy poverty.


You can learn more about the publication in this blog post.


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