Renovation: Staying On Top Of The Wave-FEANTSA


RENOVATION: STAYING ON TOP OF THE WAVE: Avoiding social risks and ensuring the benefits

FEANTSA prepared this report as part of their response to Renovation Wave under the European Green Deal. FEANTSA argues for a consideration of social element of energy inefficiency in buildings, and most notably the energy poverty. For the purpose of this publication, FEANTSA undertook a comprehensive analysis of several programs to renovate and retrofit energy inefficient homes with a special focus on social element of these projects. It discusses both positive and negative impacts of these programs. The report concludes with a list of recommendations how to avoid social exclusion and negative social impacts in future initiatives.

REELIH project is included in this report as an example of good practice. FEANTSA recognizes our particular focus on low-income households in the fight against energy poverty in multi-apartment buildings.

You can learn more about the publication in this blog post.

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