HFHI EME Policy Brief: Implementing the EU Renovation Wave in multi-apartment buildings in Central and Eastern Europe


HFHI EME Policy Brief Implementing EU Renovation Wave in multi-apartment buildings in CEE

In relation to the EU Renovation Wave, Habitat for Humanity International, Europe and the Middle East, Area Office (HFHI EME) wants to highlight the special case of the new Member States, and countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) regarding residential energy efficiency (REE).

The homeowners in this region need to overcome legal, human and financial obstacles to be able to renovate co-owned properties with energy efficiency improvements. HFHI has been active in CEE focusing on residential energy efficiency and based on our project experience (REELIH project, ComAct project) and extensive research we formulated the following recommendations for policymakers at all levels:




  • Provide technical assistance for Home-owner Associations
  • Support renovations by mixed financing models
  • Combine social and energy policy
  • Implement EU commitments
  • Focus on the role of local authorities
  • Focus on the role of Home-owner Associations
  • Use of renewable energy to address energy poverty
  • Role of energy efficiency in increasing the quality of life and health