Energy Poverty in South East Europe: Surviving the Cold-Slavica Robic (DOOR, Croatia)


Energy Poverty in South East Europe: Surviving the Cold-SLavica Robic (DOOR, Croatia)

With approximately 25 million potential new EU citizens in South East Europe, who are all energy consumers, energy is perhaps one of the most complex issues which is facing the region. It has inter-related and far reaching impacts on several areas, including society, the economy and the environment, particularly as South East Europe faces the imminent deregulation of the market in a less than ideal governance environment.

The South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy (SEE SEP) programme is designed to tackle these challenges. This is a multi-country and multi-year programme
which has 17 CSO partners from across the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) and the EU, with SEE Change Net as lead partner. It is financially supported by the European Commission. The contribution of the SEE SEP project is to empower CSOs and citizens to better influence policy and practice towards a fairer, cleaner and safer energy future in SEE.

Read more on the issue and initative here.

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