50 Out-of-the-Box Housing Solutions to Homelessness and Housing Exclusion


50 Out-of-the-Box Housing Solutions to Homelessness & Housing Exclusion

The publication by FEANTSA, Fondation Abbe Pierre and Housing Europe provides a rich selection of projects attempting to overcome financial and political barriers within European housing system using many different means such as innovative construction, making use of the private rental sector, social housing, integrated approaches and more. Even though the included projects are local and many of them small-scale, they should bring more light into the problem and they should encourage for more creativity in the housing policy.

This compendium of different innovative and inspiring cases of housing solutions for the people locked out from decent, affordable and secure housing in Europe was launched in the European Parliament and the selection of 50 best practices had been done by nine housing specialists, including also our Advocacy Policy Associate Director Gyorgy Sumeghy. To our success, REELIH project was selected from more than 100 proposals to be included in this compendium.

You can learn more about the publication in this blog post.

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