National Long-Term Renovation Strategies from all Central and Eastern European EU Member States still missing

It has been already more than ten months from the date when the EU Member States were supposed to submit their newest Long-Term Renovation Strategies (LTRS). This national strategy is an important document of planning since it serves to support the renovation of national building stock in a highly energy efficiency and decarbonization-oriented manner. The LTRSs should align with the requirements introduced by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, including detailed plans how Member States want to address energy poverty. At the same time, LTRSs should be part of integrated National Energy and Climate Plans of the EU Member States. Meeting these requirements and making these documents dependent on each other, it will be much easier to achieve effective and quick process of renovation of national building stock in the EU.

Caroline Milne, Senior Communications manager at BPIE, wrote a comprehensive article about the LTRSs for C4E Forum. She brings to the attention the fact that still, at the beginning of 2021, twelve national strategies are missing, including all the strategies from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The author of the article acknowledges the crucial role of building renovation and she outlines the main benefits of building renovation works, including higher quality of life for inhabitants, creation of new job and investment opportunities and the acceleration of green recovery. Considering it an investment priority, the article provides an information about all the possibilities of financing the renovation of buildings from the EU funding.

You can find the article in full here and learn more about the current EU initiatives supporting building stock renovations.

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