Habitat for Humanity at International Social Housing Festival in Helsinki

We are pleased to inform you that Habitat for Humanity will participate in International Social Housing Festival in Helsinki this year.



As a part of the main program, Habitat will host its own session, The Renovation Wave and Energy poverty: the special case of owner-occupiers in multi-apartment buildings, targeting the owner-occupiers in multi-apartment buildings and address the issue of energy poverty with energy efficiency retrofitting. The session will take place at Ataljee National Museum on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, from 12:00 to 15:30 EEST. 

The program will consist of two 80-minute sessions:

Session 1: Energy poverty in owner-occupied multi-apartment buildings in Central and Eastern Europe. How to scale up energy efficiency renovations? moderated by Ludmila Perunska, Habitat for Humanity, and represented by the following speakers:

  • Liljana Alceva, Habitat for Humanity Macedonia
  • Vidas Lekavičius, Lithuanian Energy Institute
  • Anikó Pálffy, MEHI, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute
  • Petra Čakovská, Consumer Protection Society (SOS), Slovakia

Session 2: Dialogue between housing practitioners from Southern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe. What can we learn from each other about the renovation of owner-occupied multi-apartment buildings? moderated by Zita Kakalejcikova, Habitat for Humanity, and represented by the following speakers:

  • Knut Hoeller, IWO, Germany
  • Elena Szolgayova, Co-chair of #Housing 2030, Slovakia
  • Alice Corovessi, INZEB, Greece
  • Andoni Hidalgo, International Affairs Advisor for the Basque Urban Agenda, Founder & Director of EuroIker, Basque Autonomous Community
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Check out the full agenda and the speakers list  here.


Information booth

Moreover, Habitat for Humanity will be represented via an information booth located in the Lobby of Helsinki City Hall. The booth will provide information about the best practices for affordable housing in Central and Eastern Europe while addressing energy poverty.